Upcoming “Eternals” Marvel Movie


Kayla Winnie, Arts & Entertainment Journalist

For all of the Marvel fans, Marvel will be releasing a new movie, “Eternals”, this year. It was supposed to be released on February 12. However, the pandemic has changed that. Instead, it will be released on November 5.


In the cast of “Eternals”, Harry Styles is shown as one of the actors. The internet thinks that Harry Styles will be playing as Thanos’s brother, Starfox. In the Marvel comics, Starfox is usually on the team with the good guys. He wants to put an end to Thanos. 


The movie is about aliens that come together to ensure humanity’s safety. Humanity needs to be protected from the Deviants. In the comics, the Deviants have mutations. It was hinted in the comics that the Deviants are jealous of the Eternals which is why they’re constantly fighting. Overall, it looks like it will be a good movie and is worth watching in November.