Woodhaven Choir Concert in Person, or Not?

Madison Fetty, News & Entertainment Editor

The Woodhaven Choir teacher Mrs. Seeley has been planning on hosting a choir concert in person again ever since covid first hit, but sadly due to the virus and restrictions given by the governor they haven’t been able to. But that is going to change for the warrior’s spring concert on March 11. Mrs. Seeley sent out emails to parents seeing how many parents would still be willing to come to an in-person concert, and many of the parents said they would gladly go. So she’s allowing each choir student to bring 2 guests. For the first concert, the choir groups got together and filmed themselves singing then posted it online for parents to see. Then for their most recent concert students were not allowed to be at school due to a spike in covid cases so Seeley had them record themselves singing then she combined them all. Hopefully, for the last concert, things will be more normal and they will have it in person as well.