Get to Know Your Warriors – Ryan Szczepaniak


Adam Sadiku, Copyeditor

With the Woodhaven Warriors Varsity baseball teams season coming up shortly, the staff here at The Purple Pulse thought it would be a great idea for our fellow students to get to know one of the members of the team. Ryan Szczepaniak is a senior this year, and with it being his last year playing high school baseball, he wants to make the most of it. Szczepaniak is currently committed to Michigan State University where he plans to attend university and play baseball for the Spartans. Szczepaniak is looking to take all of what his senior year has to offer. “We’re looking to come out stronger than we ever have before. This is my last year playing for Woodhaven and I’m ready to go have some fun and win some games,” said Szczepaniak. This year seems to be looking very promising for the team with a lot of returning players looking to go on a revenge tour after their last playoff loss to Portage Northern.  Szczepaniak stated, “That’s always in the back of my head. It’s my senior year so I want to go out and play with everything I have, hopefully ending with a state championship.”  Szczepaniak is not only working to help the Warriors win but to also get better at what he does every single day.  He seems determined and ready to take on whatever this season has in store for him and the Warriors.