Movie Review: Chaos Walking is Leaving Everyone in Wonder


Kayla Winnie, Arts & Entertainment Journalist

The movie, “Chaos Walking”, starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley came out earlier this month. One actor in this movie is Nick Jonas. “Chaos Walking” is based on a book trilogy that was made by Patrick Ness. The movie is about a guy named Todd who had been told all his life that the creatures known as the Spackle had been the ones to kill his mother and all the other women. One day, Todd had noticed that there was a ship that crashed.


Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. As seen in the trailer, the survivor of the ship that crashed was a woman named Viola. Left with so many unanswered questions, Todd is sent off with a map. The movie has many secrets to unravel, it is a remarkable movie. The story is truly heartbreaking. 


Todd and Viola make a great team and make up for each other’s flaws. Unfortunately, there were no clips of Chaos Walking 2 at the ending of “Chaos Walking” and nobody knows if there will be a second movie. However, many people have been hoping that there will be a Chaos Walking 2 since the ending left them with so many questions. They have also been hoping there will be a Chaos Walking 2 since it was based on a book trilogy. Overall, “Chaos Walking” is an amazing movie and I recommend it.