2021 Must-See Night Sky Events


Allison Matzo, News and Opinion Journalist

2020 was a hard year. So in 2021, when in doubt, look up. Here are 6 must-see night sky events happening this year. 


May 25- Supermoon 

This phenomenon occurs when there is a full moon at the same time the moon is at its pedigree, which is its closest point to Earth. Additionally, about 9 hours after the supermoon, there will be a total eclipse.

May 26- Total Eclipse

Best seen from the Pacific Rim, the supermoon total eclipse is a breathtaking sight. Eastern cities such as Woodhaven won’t get to witness the full eclipse, but there will be a dark shadow on the leftmost edge of the moon that’ll be visible.


June 10- Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse

The Great Lakes region will be able to see the closing stages of the annular eclipse (from Latin term annulus meaning ring-shaped) that will occur this summer. The “ring of fire” refers to the small portion of the sun still visible behind the moon as it passes in front of it.

August 11-12- Perseid Meteor Shower 

This annual meteor shower will be best seen at 10 p.m right after the moon sets and the Perseids produce about one meteor per minute. 

Mid-September to the End of 2021- Venus

Venus began 2021 not visible, however in mid-September it will emerge from behind the sun and will be able to be seen best right as it begins to get dark. In December, During the Christmas season, Venus will be at its closest and brightest, easily recognizable throughout the end of 2021 until it begins to plunge back behind the sun.

November 19- Partial Lunar Eclipse

North America has an incredible vantage point when looking at the partial lunar eclipse, during which the earth’s shadow covers the moon. However because the earth’s atmosphere will distort the sun’s light, the moon will have what is called the “Japanese Lantern effect” meaning the moon will show different colors across its surface.