Lego Guardians of the Galaxy Synopsis Article

Mason Glenn, Arts & Entertainment Journalist

This 22 minute short is of a small bit of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. It was made in 2017 and was never really a hit title. The time span in which this show takes place is in between the 1st and 2nd movies. The bad guys are trying to steal the Build Stone from them. The character Star-Lord was almost killed in space. The Guardians are interdimensional traveling. Drax gets into a fight with Thanos and to no surprise, he loses. Until Gamora comes flying in on the Milano, which is their flight ship. She picks up Drax and they escape. Thanos sends his crew to go find the Build Stone. The stone was stolen by Yondu. Rocket and Groot are in the forest trying to find the Build Stone. Quinn (Star-Lord) joins the fight stealing back the Build Stone. Yondu steals the stone back after cornering them. Groot grows into Giant Groot stopping Yondu and taking the stone. Mantis then calms his rage to stop Groot. With the Build Stone, Thanos builds a BLT (Big Laser Thingy). It takes forever for the BLT to be made then the Guardians come to stop the construction. Thanos drops the stone and Groot grabs it. Rocket uses the Build Stone to build a device to stop the BLT and stop Thanos. In end, they give the stone to Thor and Stan Lee comes across the screen to make his cameo.