Texas Snow Conspiracy

Riley Draper, Sports Editor

A huge winter snowstorm hit the state of Texas on February 15th, causing the whole state to shut down. Viral videos are going around claiming that all the snow they got is fake and was controlled by the government. This conspiracy has been debunked many times and is told there is no such thing as fake snow.


There was supposedly a TikTok, that has now been deleted, talking about how the snow is not building but will be able to burn. In the video, someone is burning the snow with a lighter while also making scorch marks on the snowball. This theory is happening because it didn’t melt when and drip as expected when held near a lighter.


The reasons for this “fake snow” are many, including spreading mind-altering chemicals or blocking out the sun. As it turns out, the videos showing how snowballs don’t actually melt are accurate, but some people are still believing that this was all controlled by the government.


This snow has left 22 people dead in Texas and covered the entire state in a blanket of snow. It also left millions of people without power, many people tried to prove that this theory is told to be true. As they tested it though, they only did what would prove for it to be true, they never actually let the snow melt naturally like it’s supposed to.


The theory has now been debunked by many professionals saying that as the open flame hits the snow, the frozen water sublimates. Saying that it goes from frozen to gas right away, pretty much skipping the liquid phase. This is the opposite of what happens when your breath instantly freezes on cold days. People just made this theory up as a way to blame the government for all the damage it did, this theory was very entertaining but failed to be proven.