States Canceling Mask Mandates

William Widby, Arts & Entertainment Journalist

Some states like Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming have taken down their mask mandates. States like Alabama, Indiana, and Utah are supposed to relieve their mask mandates on the first of April. This could cause more people to get sick but it could also make citizens happier and enjoy more things. This started with Texas reversing their mandates and soon other states followed in their tracks and now about 15 states don’t have covid-19 restrictions. It’s not just the mask mandates, it’s also capacity in businesses too. businesses aren’t forced to but they can enforce the rules if they feel the restriction is necessary for the safety of their customers. Some governors are lifting the mandates because they believe that the citizens in each state have been in the pandemic for a while and are capable of taking care of themselves, and can make the right decisions on their own. This could be good for the people but it could end up making things worse.