Miami Florida Shuts Down Before Spring Break


Riley Draper, Sports Editor

The city manager of Miami is imposing a lockdown in Miami due to all the issues they have been facing with spring breakers this year. Also with the pandemic going on, many people have been partying and breaking covid guidelines so they felt this lockdown was necessary for people’s safety.


The police in Miami beach said more than 1,000 people have been arrested just this season of spring break. Many fights have been breaking out on the streets, Miami has been becoming way too out of control and they needed to set some boundaries. This curfew is to help people stay safer and not attract as many tourists this year.


Miami beach banned alcohol from the beach and also alcohol sales after 10 pm. They are really trying to impose people to “Vacation responsibly or be arrested.” These parts of Florida have such a party image and they seem to want to rebrand themselves as more family-friendly so people aren’t afraid to visit them. 


The curfew in Miami is now 8 pm, this curfew is affecting the main part of Miami like Ocean Drive, Washington Avenue, Collins Avenue. These are all main parts where most spring breakers travel to and busiest spots, they did this for the main purpose of keeping it safe due to way too much out-of-control partying. 


This curfew started Saturday but there were reports that it didn’t seem to do much because people were still partying and getting together past 8 pm. There are many pictures and videos of the huge crowds scattered around Miami. This precaution is to make sure that all the people stay safe from the virus and follow the guidelines but obviously, the people of Miami are completely disregarding this. The only way people will stay safe and get this curfew ended is if they follow the guidelines needed right now.