Netflix No Longer Allowing Shared Accounts

Carlee Robbins, News & Opinion Journalist

Recently, there have been rumors of Netflix not allowing account sharing. To enforce this, Netflix has created a pop-up message that states “If you don’t live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to keep watching.” After this message, if the person wants to continue to watch their show, they will need to enter a code that will be sent through email or text message to the owner of the account. You can also opt to “verify later,” but this will pause your show after a certain amount of time and ask you to verify again. 

Netflix is choosing to implement this change because sharing your account information can be dangerous. Even if you know that person. Let’s say that the person that you shared your password with gets hacked. Now that hacker has all of your information linked to the Netflix account. Netflix is putting the safety of its subscribers first in this situation. They are doing this so that whoever is watching your account has been allowed by the owner of the account to do so. However, most people figure that Netflix would also be getting something out of it. Once they start doing this regularly to users, people will get fed up with having to verify their account all the time. This will most likely lead to more people getting individual accounts, and therefore Netflix making more money.

Not only are they doing it for the safety of their customers, but they are also not allowing password sharing because it’s against their terms of service. Not very many people read the terms of service, however, Netflix states that the account should only be used by people who live in the same house. How does Netflix find the difference between people who are password-sharing with a household member and someone who doesn’t live with them? The true answer to this question is that they don’t know the difference. There is no legitimate way to find out who people choose to share their Netflix account with and where they live.

Although this change may be an inconvenience for most people, this could be a good thing. The safety of your personal information online is getting more and more important to keep secure. Netflix is putting their customer’s safety above everything to be sure their information doesn’t get out into the wrong hands.