Rebekah Colón, Arts & Entertainment Journalist

NBC’s newest show “Mr. Mayor” debuted on January 21, 2021. Created by Robert Carloc and Tina Fey this comedy follows Neil Bremer (Ted Danson) a retired businessman in Los Angeles who ran and won for mayor. Even though he doesn’t really understand what he is doing, he has lots of love for the city. He is lucky enough to have a group of people behind him to help navigate the new role including Arpi Meskimen (Holly Hunter), Mikaela Shaw (Vella Lovell), Tommy Tomás (Mike Cabellon), and Jayden Kwapis (Bobby Moynihan).

Six out of the thirteen episodes set for the first season have been released with episode ninth episode “#PalmTreeReform” premiering February 25, 2021. These episodes so far have earned the show a 6.2/10 stars on IMDb. Although they were unable to go through with the remaining four episodes as production has been shut down after multiple covid-19 cases. This won’t be the last we see of this mayor as the show has been renewed for a second season, hopefully, we’ll get the full season.

This being said user reviews have been very mixed. On IMDb user tweetorlie gave the show a 1 out of 10 reviews on March 2 2021 saying “So Disappointing, I like Ted Danson but this show is too stupid to be funny. Why do most new sitcoms on TV think that the characters have to act so ridiculously strange to get a laugh? It’s just not funny. I wish there were new comedies like Last Man Standing, Mom, Frasier, Friends, Cheers, etc… the list goes on and on. They are good, classic shows people can relate to. Yes, there are silly/goofy people and situations, but they are very entertaining shows” On the other hand two days previous on February 28 2021 user Belle0716 gave the show a 9/10 star rating saying “Better with every episode, Stick with this show. Each episode is better than the last. Ted Danson and Bobby Moynihan are both perfectly cast for their roles.” You will notice this scrolling through the user reviews on IMDb it is extremely hit or miss on whether or not people are enjoying the show. Overall I think it’s worth watching if you’re looking for something that you don’t have to pay much attention to and with just nine episodes so far you can get through it pretty quickly. What was aired of season one was just okay but hopefully season two will surprise us.