Michigan Covid Cases: Are we at the Worst?

Riley Draper, Sports Editor

It has supposedly been reported that Michigan is having a huge spike in Covid cases again which is causing the Governor to suggest another shutdown of businesses and restaurants. The governor went on to talk, telling the Michiganders that she suggests schools going virtual and restaurants going back to carry-outs for now. Obviously many people were not happy to hear this yet it was not mandated for people to do this.


Whitmer is relying on the vaccine and the people of Michigan to get the vaccine to help with the rush of cases happening. Only 23% of the state has been vaccinated so far, hopefully, that percentage continues to grow so we can get closer to normality. Detroit has been slow-moving in getting the vaccine and that’s where high-risk conditioned people live.


Whitmer surfers pressure from the people to keep everything open, it has been a hard year for everyone and people are just ready to go back to normal again. Supposedly when things opened back up, is when the cases became higher again and over 4,000 people were hospitalized.  


It’s hard to understand that a state with such a strict mandate on masks is one of the highest cases in numbers. It is told that the state can’t reach herd immunity for a good 57 days at least. At this time though, they are leaving it up to the residents of Michigan to do the right thing.


The Governor is hoping people still follow guidelines and take the best responsibility that they can while encouraging people to get the vaccine that could help with the rising cases even more. The governor is wanting schools to go remote but not forcing it which means many schools will probably not listen. 


Everyone wants to hopefully just go back to normality as fast as possible and relying on the responsibility of everyone to help keep people safe and happy for good.