What is the Covid Vaccine and How Could it Save Lives?

Madison Fetty, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Over the past year, the disease “Covid-19” has been tormenting the world causing over 3 million deaths worldwide, that is until just recently researchers have found a vaccine that could end this disease. Although many people are very skeptical of this vaccine and believe it will cause many issues for people in the future and believe they should have waited to release the vaccine as it has not been tested enough. So far 3 companies have begun distributing vaccines including Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfitzer. Unfortunately, Johnson and Johnson have already begun to recall vaccines due to a few individuals who got the vaccine getting blood clots. 

Although the vaccines all do the same job which is preventing Covid-19 there are some very different qualities to the vaccine. The Pfitzer vaccine was actually the first one to be approved by the FDA. Anyone who is 16 & older can get the Pfizer vaccine, and you will receive two doses that are 21 days apart. This vaccine has a 95% efficacy. 

Now for Moderna, this was the second vaccine to be approved by the FDA and it is 94.1% effective at preventing symptoms of covid-19. Now this vaccine is only for individuals that are 18 & older, and you will be given 2 doses that are 28 days apart. 

Now for the third and final vaccine to be approved by the FDA is the one that was created by Johnson & Johnson. It is said to be 72% effective but has been recalled due to causing blood clots among women ages 18-48. To have gotten this vaccine, you would have needed to be 18, and unlike the other vaccines, this one only required one dose. Now the covid-19 vaccines are not required but it is recommended people get one. If you’re interested in getting one, just call your local pharmacy or doctor.