Long Live DMX


Ricky Horner, Sports Journalist

Grammy-nominated rapper DMX (Earl Simmons) died at age 50. He suffered from a heart attack at his own home on April 2nd that put him in a coma for seven days. Later on that week he died later at White Plains Hospital on April 9th, 2021. Meanwhile, his family was right beside him after being placed on life-support for the past few days. Earl was a warrior who fought to the very end and worked for his family with all his heart and we all cherish the times we spent with him. Earls music inspired countless fans across the globe and he also made a legacy that will live on forever. His most recent performance was in July 2020 in a versus battle against Snoop Dogg. Fans would agree-upon that when DMX returns from rehab in December 2019 to climb on stage and tell the crowd, “When you fall, get back up, everyone here has been through some s*** and you never know what God is willing to do for you until you need him to do something for you.” He also had a lengthy criminal record, having been to jail 30 times in his life, with his earliest age been arrested it just 10 years old for assault. DMX quickly rose to fame becoming a rap sensation at the beginning of the 90’s he released a total of seven studio albums. In addition to his success in music he also appeared in many films like “Never Die Alone,” “Death Toll,” “Exit Wounds,” and much more. Rest in peace to a legend that will never be resting in peace.