Choir hits the high notes

Joshua Ferguson, Staff Reporter

After a long year away, the Woodhaven High School Choir proudly presented their new arrangements October 19th with the intention of keeping the Halloween spirit alive.

There are five different classes in choir, and each one performed two or three songs.

Concert Choir performed “Take Me Home” and “I’m Still Standing.”

Treble Troubles performed “Never Enough” and “Don’t Start Now,” featuring solo performances by Samantha Syverson and Kaylie Ferris and choreography by Emily Natter.

Warrior Women performed “The Last Blue Rose” and “Don’t Start Now,” featuring soloists Destiny Tracy and Lydia Maurer.

Chamber Ensemble performed “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” featuring soloist Kulreet Gill, “The Ballad of Sweeney Todd,” and “Some Nights,” featuring soloist Leandro Puyat.

Bella Voce performed “No Ruby,” featuring soloist Christina Reeder, “(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman,” featuring solos by Eden Sliwa, Emma Garland, Molly Ryan, and Gwen Ryan, and “Bring Me a Little Water, Sylvie,” featuring solos by Dana Ferguson, Makenna Orman, Hanna Pierceall, Kristyn Keezer, and Olivia Williams.

The evening’s performances were directed by WHS Choir teacher Chelsea Rize and Sam Ramirez and accompanied by Dave Waggoner.

But the upcoming concert isn’t the only opportunity to hear Woodhaven’s choirs. Throughout the year, you may hear various melodies ringing through the halls as they sing in different areas of the school. They have given their support to our staff members by singing in groups in front of the office, counseling office and other parts of the school. This is good for them to do because it teaches them ways to hear sounds in different environments outside of the classroom. They have also sang the national anthem at the Warriors’ homecoming game against Trenton and will be performing again at the Detroit Pistons game on January 10th. Of course, they wouldn’t be the way they are if it wasn’t for the strong community that they are a part of. In order to produce such a passionate melody, they must be able to fully trust and respect their companions, which they have done an amazing job doing.