Change brings growth for sideline cheer

Alexandria Akins

The Woodhaven Sideline Cheer Team is reunited for their ‘21 season after a restricted season in 2020, finally able to hold and hit more difficult stunts after the release of MHSAA limitations. Last season, the girls were only allowed to do certain stunts with the guidelines placed upon them, but with the start of the ‘21 season and the lifting of certain restrictions, cheerleaders were finally able to get back to normal. “It put restrictions on most of what we did so it was hard for us to do most things, but with it now lifted we are able to do more complicated and eye pleasing stunts.” said Senior side base, Mikeila Martinez.

Limitations on stunts weren’t the only change the girls went through, they sadly also lost their head coach Tara Hazey. It’s very different, but we all know what she wants for us and we are reaching for it.” Mikeila added.

Another challenge was the separation of the team and social distancing last season, but the girls are ready to be together again. “We didn’t really have a lot of bonding last year, but I’m so glad I’m able to get closer to my team this year compared to last year.” It’s clear the Warriors have been able to adapt to the new normal not only in terms of school, but also on the sideline. “It is more normal compared to last year when we had to wear masks all season and stay socially distanced.” said Senior flyer, Kennedy Stewart.

And some change has truly been positive, as with new coaches come new skills, “I learned a lot of different things but one skill I learned was a cartwheel full, and I never thought I would be able to do it.” added Kennedy. With all the issues the girls faced, they were still able to adjust and overcome the obstacles they were dealt.