Meet the royals

The 2021 Fall Homecoming Court (

2021 Homecoming King Aidan Kincaid is a member of S.A.D.D. and Link Crew. Kincaid most enjoys his AP Spanish class and wouldn’t trade it for any other class ever. With his outstanding academic record, Kinkaid plans to go to Northern Michigan University after graduation, and while he is undeclared in his major, he is dedicated to expanding his education and advancing his knowledge. Asked why he ran for court, Kincaid states, “I want to try and get involved as much as I can, so when my friends told me I should do it, I did.” He found it surreal to be crowned Homecoming King and likens his homecoming experience to being the main character in a movie. “Me and all my friends had so much fun and we’re glad we were able to experience this moment. It really made our senior year start off amazing, and I’m grateful for everyone who voted for me and let me live this new life for a few days.”


2021 Homecoming Queen Klaire Schott is a student scholar with a bright future. Her immediate plan is to go into medicine or anesthesiology after graduation. She is involved in Student Council, National Honor Society, S.A.D.D. and the Spanish Club, and Spanish is her favorite class here at WHS. Schott describes her homecoming experience as “amazing,” and she thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience from beginning to end. When Schott was crowned as Homecoming Queen, she says she felt “confused, shocked, nervous and excited too—all at the same time” and was in a state of disbelief for a few moments until it registered to her that she had won. Schott is grateful for those who voted for her, happy for her fellow Queen candidates, and thankful for such a wonderful weekend of celebration.


Senior Sophia Lustig wears many hats at WHS. She is involved in Student Council, is Treasurer of the Executive Board, is President of National Honor Society, and is the Class of 2022 Treasurer. She is a member of S.A.D.D. and Link Crew, as well. Lustig is on both the varsity sideline and competitive cheer teams and runs varsity track. Even while juggling all of these extracurricular activities, Lustig has maintained a stellar GPA all four years and plans to pursue a career in STEM at University of Michigan upon graduation.

Senior Mary Dimilia is an academic powerhouse, holding an immaculate GPA and a rigorous senior year schedule including AP Government and AP Calculus. Dimilia has received her academic certificate, academic letter, and academic pin. She is also heavily involved in many extracurricular activities as the Student Council President and a member of DECA, S.A.D.D., and National Honor Society. Dimilia plans to attend Grand Valley State University to earn a degree in Early Childhood Education after graduation.

George LaForce is a senior and an academic achiever. His favorite class is Marketing because it is much like advertising and he often dedicates his free time here at WHS to DECA and S.A.D.D. After graduation, LaForce plans to attend Ferris State University or Northern Michigan University, and although his area of study is undecided as of now, LaForce’s solid academic performance and extracurricular activities prepare him for whatever path he chooses.

Senior Nicolas Diaz is a two sport athlete on the varsity football and track teams. A strong student, Diaz especially enjoys his senior electives as a means to a potential career pathway. When he isn’t working behind the camera or developing his content for his broadcasting class, Diaz can be seen hard at work in his Graphics I class. Diaz enjoys graphics so much, he plans to pursue it as a career.

Senior Sabit Islam is an AP Scholar who especially loved his AP US History course and plans to pursue a career in computer science and business. Islam is involved in many extracurricular activities at WHS including Tribe Leader, Link Crew, S.A.D.D., MSA. Class of ’22 Student Council, Student Council Executive Board. Islam is also involved in track and field and varsity tennis.

Senior Emma Greathead ran for homecoming court because her sister was on court before her, so this homecoming experience was a dream come true. Greathead loves broadcasting and choir, and when she’s not on stage or on camera, she can be seen cheering on the boys basketball team as a member of the winter basketball sideline cheer team. Greathead plans to major in business after graduation.

Senior Chris Banks II has earned academic honors all four years of high school. Banks particularly enjoys gym and woodshop, but most of all loves playing football and basketball, and he plans to play football and study business or engineering in college. Banks is very happy his class voted him to court, especially because he wanted to run with his friend Nick Diaz, and they both won court.

Senior Jamie Sullivan is a four-year honors student and member of the National Honor Society. Sullivan enjoys her AP Gov and organic chemistry classes and plans to put that deep knowledge of government to use when she majors in Political Science and Law. In addition to being a leader in her rigorous academic studies, Sullivan is also captain of the dance team.

Junior Princess Nicolle Rozner is an outstanding student with multiple academic awards. Rozner is a member of the National Honor Society and S.A.D.D., and in the wintertime, she can be found cheering on the boys basketball team as a member of the winter basketball sideline cheer team.

Nathan Blaszczak was a sure bet for Junior Prince, because as he points out in good humor, “I was the only junior boy to run.” Blaszczak is in National Honor Society and is a member of the varsity football and basketball teams.

The sophomore class chose Jesus Alvarez as the Sophomore Prince. Alvarez strives for academic perfection, and this is reflected in his sterling GPA and multiple academic awards, including one for excellence in World History. He enjoys Food for Wellness and CAD classes here at WHS, as well.

Sophomore Princess Klaire Wilson is building an impressive academic resume. Wilson especially enjoys her Spanish, math, and choir classes, and plans to pursue a career in psychology. Wilson participates in many academic and athletic extracurriculars, including varsity sideline and competitive cheer, varsity golf, National Honor Society, Student Council, and S.A.D.D.

Freshman Princess Giada Muti dedicates herself to a wide range of studies. Muti loves her theater and geometry classes best, and outside of school, she is a gymnast. Muti is a member of National Junior Honor Society and plans to study medicine to become a doctor someday.

The freshman class selected Bryce White as the Freshman Prince. White attended Bates Elementary. He is a basketball player and an outstanding student at Patrick Henry Middle School.