Under new management

The WHS dance team benefits from new coaching and seasoned team captains

Mikeila Martinez, Staff Reporter

The top notch dance team had a few surprises entering this year’s season.

They were gifted with a new coach, Cortney Linton, who attended Central Michigan University and was on the university’s dance team. Courtney is currently head coach of both the JV and Varsity teams.

The girls had some adjusting to do but pulled through very well. “She is giving us a lot of new techniques and opportunities, she also pushes us more on doing it right the first time. One of the favorite things that she has brought to us was the new styles of dance like jazz and pop, and not just the usual hip-hop or pon pom.” said Kyla Campbell, proving these girls can do just about everything.

New routines also came into play with a lot of new but familiar moves. These girls have proved that they’ve got it all with their two different teams, Elite and Performance.

At each home game the Elite team performs one of their outstanding routines during halftime with senior captains Makena Burke and Jamie Sullivan leading the way. These young women have both been dancing on the varsity team since their freshman year. They have worked so hard to be the leaders they are today. But all as one they work together to make it worth everything they’ve got and build the strongest bond they can with the rest of the girls.