Break point

Flexibility and willingness to grow key to Warrior tennis season success

Spencer Brant, Sports Reporter

The varsity tennis team closed out a great season of growth and maturity, finishing the season with about as many wins as losses. Coached by John Sheets and Dave Bechtol, the team was led by Sabit Islam-3 Doubles, Santino Ciotti – 1 Singles, Marcello Luna and Jordan Bechtol – 1 Doubles, and Michael Budai – 2 Singles.

The Warriors recently participated in the Honor and Glory tournament where they met stiff competition from Trenton. Coming into this tournament Islam acknowledged “Trenton is a tough team to beat.” They also completed in the D1, Region 2 tournament in Ann Arbor but left without earning any team points, effectively ending their season.

The boys put in incredible work to overcome their challenges. Ciotti stated, “I look forward to going to practice every day and seeing everyone.” He also witnesses “Everyone grow as teammates and sharpen their skills” every day after school.