The Warriors look for redemption in Friday’s playoff game against the Pioneers


Joe Sagert

Safety Cornell Perry bursts through the banner as the Warriors take the field against Carlson.

Nicholas Fears, Sports Reporter

Woodhaven’s offensive line builds momentum in the first quarter of the Carlson game. (Joe Sagert)

When the Warriors faced Carlson last Friday, fans knew it was going to be a tough game. 

The Warriors started strong when Chris Banks recovered a fumble for a 50 yard run, and in subsequent plays, Woodhaven got on the board first when safety Cornell Perry ran and Nico Smith kicked the extra point. Woodhaven held Carlson to 7-0 to end the first quarter. 

The team carried that momentum into the second quarter. The Marauders scored two TD’s, and the Warriors scored another touchdown from Ashton Mohlman on a QB run to tie the game 14-14. Chris Banks got an interception for the Warriors, but the score remained tied at the half. 

In the second half, however, the Warriors stalled and left two more Marauder touchdowns unanswered, bringing the game to a 14-28 game, ending their undefeated run. 

The loss didn’t cost the Warriors their first place position in the Downriver League, but it did create an almost unheard of three-way tie between Woodhaven, Allen Park, and Gibraltar Carlson. Looking at the scoring from these teams and the rest of the league, and taking in consideration that Woodhaven beat Allen Park, Allen Park beat Carlson, and Carlson beat Woodhaven, it appears these three teams are fairly evenly matched and splitting the prize of first in the league will intensify what is already a spirited and competitive downriver rivalry in the years to come. All three teams advance to playoffs this Friday with AP hosting Riverview, Carlson hosting Trenton, and Woodhaven hosting Dearborn High School.

In Woodhavens next match, the first round of the playoffs facing Dearborn, the Warriors are looking for redemption after their loss to Carlson. 

Running back Devin Henry says, “The Warriors are looking sharp, and determined going into the playoffs. We are motivated, and humbled from the loss against Carlson. I feel like we needed that loss, and now we know the feeling of losing and will not feel it again.”  

Woodhaven’s other running back Emmanuel Johnson says, “We realized we can’t win everything if we don’t put in the work.This week of practice has been good. I think it is one of the best. So that test to Carlson showed we are beatable and the loss to Carlson taught us a lesson.” 

The Warriors face the Dearborn Pioneers for the first game of the MHSAA State playoffs at 7:00 on October 29.