National Honor Society welcomes 82 new members

National Honor Society welcomes 82 new members

Eshal Sajjad, Editorial Board

Another era begins in the National Honor Society with the swearing in of a new group of academic all-stars. The 82 new NHS inductees gathered with family and friends at Arnoldo’s Banquet Hall October 13th to be celebrated for the academic achievement of maintaining at least a 3.7 GPA. 

Following NHS tradition, inductees were sworn in under the six principles of NHS and they became official members of the elite academic club.

Maintaining a high school career of academic excellence is no easy feat, but factor in the ongoing pandemic, these inductees faced a unique challenge. Inductee Briceida Jasso, a junior, acknowledges staying motivated during the pandemic has been difficult, but she attributes her success to a strong support system. “My family and friends kept me motivated during COVID. It was a hard year, but they were able to give me hope and encouraged me to try hard.

Congratulations to Woodhaven High School’s new members of National Honor Society: 

Mariam Ahmad

Evan Anderson 

Damon Bailey

Brianah Basim 

Brooke Berridge 

Paige Berridge

Patrick Bond

Aiden Breeze

Musa Bukhari

Gracie Camilleri 

Kyla Campbell 

Lisa Cela

James Chwalek 

Murray Clark 

Josephine Crapanzano

Nathen Crawford 

Gabrielle Czopek 

Shayna Danyo

Ariana Dawson 

Jacob Diry 

Tyler Dodd

Emmarose Doran 

Alyssa DuChene 

Hope Ehause

Ellette Foucher

Logan Garrison 

Ethan Gilevich

Jesus Guardado 

Lauren Guertin 

Elizabeth Henegar

Jennifer Henegar 

David Higby 

Darrius Houston

Peyton Janice 

Briceida Jasso 

Jashanpreet Khosa

Suman Khosa 

Heidi Klindt 

Ashlyn Koester

Tori Landman 

Jacob Lewis

Brooke Lloyd

Emma Loger 

Precious Madison 

Paige McNamee

Madaline Moore 

Kylee Moran 

Mackenzie Murphy

Abdullah Nawaz 

Abdul Nawaz 

Sean O’Neal

Nnanna Ogbonna 

James Olbrich 

Juan Ortega

Emily Overton 

Rachael Padgett 

Sadie Parker

Grace Parkham 

Elsie Philabaum 

Reid Philabaum

Arianna Ridings 

Brandon Ridings 

Olivia Rozycki

Abigail Saco 

Adrian Sadiku 

Samarah Saggers

Payton Scheffler 

Kaya Shell 

Ryan Simonson

Nolan Smith 

Preston Sornig 

Emma Stearns

Alexis Stratton 

Cameron Szabo 

Jasmine Udan

Xavier Vazquez

Ramsha Virk 

Zain Virk

Jenna Wenzel 

Lillianah West 

Parker Williams

Klaire Wilson