Woodhaven equestrian brings home 3rd in districts

Mackenzie Hooker, Sports Writer

The Woodhaven Equestrian Team overall had a great season where they ended up with 408 points total. They competed as a team in 3 district meets, where they gave it their all in the freezing cold mornings at 5am in back to back classes. 

Wrapping up her final year on the team, Senior Mia Smith placed 1st in SaddleSeat Fitting and Showing, 1st in Western Equitation, 2nd in HuntSeat Equitation, 3rd in HuntSeat Equitation, and 3rd in HuntSeat Fitting and Showing. 

Along with Smith, Senior Elina Villemure, also wrapping up her Equestrian Team career, had a great season. Villemure placed 3rd in Western Reining, 4th in Western Equitation, 4th in SaddleSeat pattern, 5th in SaddleSeat Equitation and 5th in SaddleSeat Fitting and Showing, 

Along with Smith and Villemure, Senior Mackenzie Hooker had also wrapped up her Equestrian Team with a great season.  Hooker placed 1st in HuntSeat Equation, 1st in HuntSeat Bareback, 1st in Western Equitation, 1st in Western Bareback and 2nd in Western Reining. 

Junior Samantha Richards finishes this year’s season with 2nd in Western Equitation, 2nd in Western Fitting and Showing, 2nd in Flag Race (timed event), 3rd in HuntSeat Fitting and Showing and 3rd in Western Bareback. 

Junior Connor McCracken ends this year’s season with 1st in Barrels (timed event) and 3rd in Western Fitting and Showing.

Freshman Breanna Brossia ends this year’s season with 4th in Western Fitting and Showing, 4th in 2-person relay with Hooker (timed event) and 5th in KeyHole (timed event). 

Overall there were 3 district meets where The Woodhaven Equestrian Team competed for first place, every week as a team they were entered into 16 out of 17 total classes. The team ended up in third place with a total of 408 points for their division.