Woodhaven celebrates Homecoming in Warrior style


Jaya Meeks is crowned Homecoming Queen in the halftime ceremony.

Alexandria Beller, Jenna Shrum, Staff, Staff Writers

Warriors got hyped at the 2022 Homecoming pep assembly. The assembly took place in the main gym and the school spirit was raging, as everyone came into the gym the band welcomed us with banging rhythms. The students rivaled up to see which class could be the loudest on the Scream Machine with Sophomores coming in first place, followed by the Seniors, then finally the Juniors and Freshman. At the peak of the assembly our Homecoming king, Garret Crosson was crowned and the crowd went wild. Our incredible cheerleaders and dance team pumped up the crowd with their jaw dropping performances. The highlight of the assembly was the dance competition which was won by John Padgett, better known as our three time winning performer and party animal “J.P.” The seniors demolished any competition between the underclassmen during Tug of war but were beaten by the staff members. Julia Noal was named the Spirit Queen, and blind musical chairs was once again a hit. This was the first of multiple successful events Student Council threw over the course of Homecoming Week.

The pep assembly was followed by the annual homecoming parade, where former Athletic Director Dave Fast served as the Grand Marshall. Led by Mr. Faryniarz’ Warrior Marching Band, cheerleaders, dancers, and athletes from all across the district, elementary and middle schools included, paraded through the community. Our athletes were joined by clubs and student organizations, and of course, the 2022 homecoming court. 

Once at the school, Warrior fans enjoyed tailgating before the game where the Warriors defeated the Bears 49-7. In a halftime ceremony, each member of the Homecoming Court escorted their families across the football field to be honored before the community, and for the big event, all five Queen Candidates gathered in anticipation as last year’s queen Klaire Schott crowned Jaya Meeks the 2022 Homecoming Queen. 

The Friday festivities were followed by the homecoming dance on Saturday where partygoers danced the night away.