Juniors sweep sophs and seniors for Powder Puff victory

Beth Henegar leads juniors to consecutive Powder Puff victories


Mercy Burns and Katherine Carmack, Sports Writers

The 2022 Powder Puff game showcased the best of Woodhaven High School as the four grades came together for some spirited competition. 

In the first match up, the sophomores came in hot and Maya Justice scored the first touchdown in the opening minutes of the game. Soon after that, Raelyn McLaughlin scored another. The freshmen tried to rally, but they were no match for the sophomores’ speed on the field, and the game ended with Justice running more than 50 yards to score the last touchdown, bringing the final score to 23-0 for the sophomores.

In the second match, the juniors took the field well rested and ready to defend their Powder Puff title from last year, but the sophomores weren’t worn out—in fact, this team was just getting started. Again, Justice started off strong, scoring the first touchdown, but the juniors started putting in strong defense and a powerful offense. Beth Henegar dodged the defense, scoring a touchdown and tying the game. As the game came to an end, Juniors were on the 5 yard line at 3rd down. They tried to run through the Sophomores, but just when they thought they made it, the sophomores held up the flag at the 1 yard line. With only one yard to go with 1 down, Juniors and Sophomores lined up facing each other. Juniors snapped the ball one last time. The quarterback passed it to the running back, who tried to go forward as much as they can. Everyone was in the endzone unaware if the drive was successful. The crowd went silent and then the players get up: no score. It went into triple overtime where Maya Justice attempted a field goal and missed. Juniors were thrilled with their chance to win, and Beth Henegar went in for the kick and made it. Juniors cheered, ending with a lead of 10-8.

After that intense bout, the Seniors were warmed up, ready to take on the Juniors. Both teams started off strong on both sides of the ball, but Juniors offense was too strong and Henegar scored in the first quarter. Senior QB Kenna Borso threw the ball several times to Kamari Dabbs and Jaya Meeks, but the Juniors contained the senior offense. Both teams played strong offense; both teams played strong defense, and as the clock wound down, the score remained 8-0 and the Juniors walked away with the dub.