Warrior bands shine at fall concert

Shannon Lehane, Staff Writer

Woodhaven Bands hosted their first concert of the 2022-2023 school year October 20. Mr. Faryniarz worked tirelessly to guarantee that this would be one of their best concerts yet and the hard work paid off. 

WHS Symphonic Band performed a number of arrangements including “Rough Riders,” “The Haunted Carousel,” “Resplendent Light (On Walden Pond),” and “A Disney Spectacular.” Soloists featured in these arrangements include Adeline Williams, Emilee Larabell, Julia Turner, Nicole Anderson, Aiden Breezee, Jacob Ford, Ethan O’Neill and Lance Sterbenz. 

WHS Concert Winds performed the arrangements “Skyward,” “Walden,” “Variations on a Korean Folk Song,” and “Selections from The Greatest Showman.” Soloists in these arrangements include Patrick Bond, Morgan Kelly, Grace Parkham, Hayden Brasgalla, Victor Schultz, Julia Noal, Paige Adamisin, Brett Allie, Garrett Crosson, Joseph Masters, Lance Sterbenz, and Rachel Weimer. 

Senior Lance Sterbenz is a member of both Symphonic Band and Concert Winds and had a total of three solos during the concert. Asked how he managed the challenges of being in multiple bands, Sterbenz said, “Yes, there were some fast parts and some pieces that I struggled with playing, but it was just taking it slow and just practicing to get the notes and the fingering to be muscle memory.” 

Band students work very hard to ensure that their performances are exemplary and put hours upon hours of hard work into perfecting their craft.