DCTC dental class takes on first big project


Mackenzi Tatum

The dental program students are in high spirits as they show off their skeletal system tees at the end of project party.

Mackenzi Tatum, Staff Writer

The DCTC Dental program held at Woodhaven High School recently kicked off the school year with their first big project about the skeletal system. 

The class teaches students the basics of what they need to know to enter dental school. In this project, students learned the different parts and types of bones, as well as how to identify them, and they were tasked with labeling the different bones and categorizing them. After this, they created a skeletal magnet that portrayed the upper body. They prepared by learning about personal protective equipment. To finish out the project, scholars were asked to create a shirt that fit their skeletal system, and these students wore these shirts at their end of project party. 

Woodhaven junior Aliza Siddiqui explained that this is not the students’ first task, as they have also learned things such as proper hygiene and how to deal with a patient. 

Dental student and Woodhaven senior Hope Ehause explained that students often take this class as a stepping stone for a career in dental or other medical related fields, and Woodhaven Senior and dental student Naveah Defranco added that she is grateful for the class as well as the experiences and opportunities that come with it. Students are excited about future projects and activities.