Women of Woodhaven empowers with self-defense seminar

Tara Gaskell, Staff Writer

Women of Woodhaven hosted a self defense class on October 27 at WHS in the turf gym. The seminar was to help make women feel more comfortable in the presence of men out in public.

The self defense instructor, Mr. Brad, was brought in through PKSA Flat Rock. Mr. Brad taught techniques to help women know what to do in situations that feel unsafe to them. Some of those techniques include how to get out of a bear hug and what to do if someone grabs your arms. They were also taught ways to prevent themselves from being in a situation of being kidnapped and what to say if you are. 

WOW members feel the seminar was empowering. Senior Jaya Meeks now feels better prepared to attack incase of an emergency. Meeks states “In case of an emergency, I would be able to defend myself and get away from my attacker.” She felt it was a beneficial class and the instructor did an amazing job at including real life scenarios with specific techniques. Self Defense is very important to her and this class gave her an opportunity to help her learn. Meeks expresses, “Self Defense is important to me because I have learned to be aware of my surroundings and pay attention to my environment.” 

Women of Woodhaven meets regularly on Thursdays after school in Mrs. G’s room. They plan to have other empowerment activities throughout the year.