Woodhaven DECA hosts Pink Out to raise money for breast cancer awareness

Ashley Godlewski, Staff Writer

Woodhaven DECA hosted a pink out event for breast cancer awareness on Thursday October 13 at the varsity volleyball game. Mrs. Meyer and her crew led by Raegan Wheaton, Avery Brown, Ethan Gilevich, and Dawson Terry worked hard to make this event a success. 

Students took a multi-pronged approach to raising money for the cause. During school hours there were raffle tickets being sold for people who wore a pink shirt for pink out day and got a prize. During the game itself, Woodhaven did a miracle minute where students, parents, and athletes could donate money to go towards breast cancer awareness. In typical Warrior style, the Woodhaven sports community came out in strong support of the effort and donated generously.

This event is deeply personal for many involved, as so many lives have been affected by breast cancer. Event planner and Woodhaven senior Raegan Wheaton explains, “My mom just got diagnosed with breast cancer, so this year I wanted to get more involved.” For Wheaton, the pink out meant coming together as a community and showing support to those who are fighting or who are no longer with us.

The goal of the pink out event was for students to get more involved with school activities and come together as a whole and show support for cancer survivors and the ones who had fought for their life. The event was a success in this regard and money donated will be put to good use to help people with breast cancer through the American Cancer Society.