Varsity Girls Bowling strikes up a great season


Kylee Gibbs approaches the lane.

Jenna Shrum, Sports Writer

The Woodhaven varsity girls bowling team rolled in with amazing performances this year. Beginning with the defeat of the Carlson varsity team 27-3, and highlight shots made by Kylee Gibbs and Faith Winton with a 188, and Kiersten Farkas with a 186. 

The Lady Warriors moved 5-2 on the season this year with an impressive 27-3 defeat over Southgate. The girls opened with a 180 score during the Baker game, and ended up throwing an impressive 5 strikes in the first six frames alone. Once the regular games began the varsity girls didn’t give an ounce of mercy to Southgate and worked as a team to shoot their high games of the year and high series. The first game ended in a total of 792 which became the team’s high game this year, and in the second game Faith Winton led the way with a score of 172.

The team’s most memorable moment so far was when they beat previously undefeated Taylor High School in a 21-9 match. All of the girls had an amazing day on the lanes after winning the first game with a total score of 747-716. To help the win, Giovanna Vallejo rolled an impressive 10th frame and Kiersten Farkas bowled the last 5 frames which helped her take over the winning head to head point.

Farkas says of the season, “We have good days and bad days, but we are working on being more consistent. I’m really proud of my team because we beat Taylor—they were undefeated and the number 1 team.”

Stats highlights of the season so far include: Diamond Pastorius with an honorable 152 average score, Farkas and Winton with a 151, Kylee Gibbs with a 140, Adalyn MacDonald rolling an average of 136, Giovanna Vallejo’s 116, and finally Ashlyn Houston with a 114 average score.

The team put in the most effort to make this a successful season and always keeps spirits high. Everyone supports each other’s wins as well as losses and cheered on their opponents as well, which represents their kind attitude and capability to have fun—and that’s what bowling is all about.