Quiz Bowl gets ready to battle Trenton and Carlson as competition resumes


Stephanie Kerns

Teagan Fynan and Damien Foster race to solve problems during the math category of the Students v. Staff Quiz Bowl Meet.

Eshal Sajjad, Staff Writer

After a lengthy break, the WHS Quiz Bowl team is ready to resume their competition season and strengthen their 2-1 record. The team’s single loss comes against Wyandotte, a team which captain Teagan Fynan describes as the “most challenging team” they have faced to date. 

In addition to practice, the team faced off their teachers and held their own in the annual Students v. Staff Quiz Bowl Match, falling to the teachers by a mere 5 points. 

The fierce 13 are determined to rack up more wins before their season ends, and this next match against rivals Trenton and Carlson is exactly the motivation this group needs. Woodhaven and Carlson faced off in finals last season, nosing Carlson out in the very end, so there is sure to be a battle of the brains when these two teams face off again. 

Senior Ian Wolney captures the challenging aspect of being on the Quiz Bowl team while also communicating the joy of competition by saying, “I joined Quiz Bowl because Mr. Weimer convinced me that  I would love it, and I really do love it. It’s such a fun atmosphere and it’s amazing how each person on the team is good at a specific subject or area. The competitions are really fun and intense. It’s really just a bunch of nerds meeting up on Mondays playing trivia, but that’s exactly why I love it.” 

Their Quiz Bowl team’s competitive season closes March 22, and with that goal in sight, team captain Fynan hopes to end strong.