Women of Woodhaven stay focused empowerment


Eshal Sajjad

Members of WOW lean in for a group photo to celebrate their inaugural meeting in September. The group has since launched multiple initiatives to support students at WHS for the 2023 school year.

Tyreke Williams, Staff Writer

WOW–or the Women of Woodhaven—is a gender inclusive social action organization at Woodhaven High School. The goal of the organization is to address issues related to gender in the school and find ways to solve these problems. It’s a safe and supportive network for students of all gender identities, providing a space where they can talk openly and form meaningful connections with their peers. 

Throughout the year, WOW will be hosting various events and initiatives, including self defense classes, yoga sessions, merchandise design and sales, a hygiene product drive, and a “Wear White for Unity Day.” The club is committed to helping not just its members, but also the wider school and community, by keeping girls’ bathrooms stocked with hygiene products and donating excess items to the Blessing Box for families in need.

Every week, the club dedicates time for students to discuss their challenges in a non-judgmental environment. This provides students with an opportunity to find support from their peers and to build relationships with others who care about them.

WOW was created by teacher Ms. Garavaglia, who saw a need in the community and wanted to make a difference.