WHS dance team dominates the game


Jillian O'Connell

The WHS varsity dance team takes home a 1st place award in the hip hop category and a 2nd place award in the jazz category.

Tara Gaskell, Staff Writer

The WHS Varsity Dance team continues to bring home wins. The team has been to three competitions so far, winning mostly first and second place awards in their category. At their first competition of the season, Dance Team Union, the team took home a third place award for their hip hop routine. Most recently the varsity team attended Badgerette in Brighton, Michigan. The team won a first place award for their hip hop routine and a second place award for their jazz routine. Emily Duford shares about how proud she is of her team’s progress. “I’m most proud of the varsity team this season for all the adjustments we’ve had to make within the comp season due to injuries. We pulled through last minute before comps and learned new parts and adjusted well.”

The WHS Junior Varsity Dance team recently had their first competition of the season. They attended Novi Pom Invitational and received a bronze and the most improvement award for their pom routine. The team has made great progress this season. Mirahbelle Johnson talks about how proud she is of her team. “The thing that makes me proud of the team is how hard the girls work and they always give 100%.” 

Both the JV and the Varsity dance teams got the opportunity to pass on the joy of dance to kids in kindergarten through 6th grade. The kids would practice small routines with their older mentors. At the end of kids camp the kids got the opportunity to perform their routines at the halftime of the basketball game. This was a fun experience for both the team and the kids. Kaya Shell speaks about how fun it was to mentor the younger kids. “It was fun to be able to share my love and knowledge for dance with kids who enjoy it as much as I do.”