Together we stand united


Lauren Salisbury, Staff Writer

Woodhaven’s class of 2023 is making their mark in many ways this year.  Senior Mackenzi Tatum decided she wanted to shine a light on the African American students here and founded the Black Student Union. 

Tatum and appointed advisor Tarell Myree wanted to bring about awareness and unity in the Woodhaven community in the hope of focusing on ways to help any issues that may impact Black students. Some of the topics they plan on bringing to light are bullying against minorities.. “The purpose of this particular club was for a sense of family and inclusivity for the students who may not be in any sports or extracurriculars” says Myree. “This club is a great beginning to a permanent change.”

This new club is embracing their pride for Black History Month spirit week February 13-17 and will sponsor a Culture Day on the 28th. Tatum explains, “The days we choose for spirit week were discussed as a club and we felt they would best represent the vibe of our culture.” 

Spirit Week and Culture Day allow people to learn a little more about Black culture while also celebrating many other people of Black excellence who have paved the way for opportunities and education. BSU is planning on a collaboration with clubs Social Equity and Culture Club to decorate the PBLZ in honor of Black History Month. 

The club motto, “together we stand united,” is the ultimate goal they hope all members and people at WHS will perceive and let benefit them in life. Member Allen Billups voices that through being a part of BSU, “I get a better understanding of the wants and needs of people my age and in my community.” BSU meets bi-weekly in Mrs. G’s room, B312 and would love for anyone who is interested in being a member to join them.