JV strikes again


Tyreke Williams

Dante Perry and Brayden Harrington stand together united as their teammate Adam Bdai takes the free throw.

D'Juan Hall, Sports Writer

The Woodhaven JV basketball team has been asserting their dominance in the league this year with a record of 9-1.

The Warriors have a strong offense led by Dante Perry averaging 13 points per game, Brayden Harrington averaging 11 points per game, and Adam Budai averaging 10 points per game.

The Warriors also have a strong defensive team with Perry averaging 3.5 steals a game, Brayden Williams averaging 7 rebounds a game and 2 steals a game an Harrington averaging 3 steals a game.

The Warriors started off the season with playing their hardest opponents Cass tech high school. The Warriors fell short, but they came back better than ever at their next game against Taylor winning the game 61-45 with Harrington having 15 pts and 7 steals and Budai having 11 pts and 4 rebounds. With the Warriors winning that game they continued to dominate the league keeping the momentum up winning game after game.

The team played their best game this season against River Rouge, a team people thought to be better than the Warriors but were proven wrong. The Warriors started the game off slow. Going into halftime they were down by 10 points, but after a tough half the warriors came back onto the court fired up and showed how dominant they really were. After an all out brawl with Perry having 16 points and Harrington having 15 points the Warriors went on to win the game 52-42. The Warriors continued to win even in their most recent game against Wyandotte where the Warriors destroyed them 68-30. The Warriors face off against South Lake next at home and are ready to continue and show the league what they are made of.