Muslim Student Association important at WHS


Mehak Chohan

MSA students celebrate the beauty of their culture by wearing their traditional clothing on Culture Day.

Mahnoor FAtima, Staff Writer

Muslim Student Association is a club at Woodhaven High School where students meet up and spend their great time together learning about Islam and its culture. MSA is an organization which encourages Muslim and non-Muslims to learn about humanity, equality, and also service to others. 

The hope of MSA members is that they may bring Muslims together while proudly representing our culture. They all are also trying to make friendly relationships between Muslims and non-Muslims. They also gain more information about Islam which helps to eliminate some misconceptions about Islam in today’s world. The club meets every other Wednesday to discuss a variety of topics related to the group. They have also spent a majority of their time preparing for a competition called MIST, an event that is going to be held in the University of Michigan Ann Arbor followed by presentations for Ramadan.There are about 30 students who regularly attend meetings.The majority of the students are muslim, but they do have a handful of members that are outside of the faith. Mr.K is the advisor of MSA, in his perspective the overall goal of MSA is to provide a safe environment for the Muslim students at WHS to gather and interact with each other. MSA also loves the opportunity to share some of the traditional values of Islam with fellow classmates who are interested in learning about the Muslim faith. At its core, MSA is a group that allows students the opportunity to get to know each other and learn from each other in a more casual and relaxed environment. “Students are getting together and becoming friends,” says Mr. K. 

Mr. K. also discusses some of the goals of MSA which are the chance to meet and interact with fellow students. Chance to compete at MIST and find a new sense of community. Mr K really enjoys teaching and spending time with students which could result in a greater sense of knowledge about the Islamic faith. He also believes MSA shows that a group of kids can come together and have a good time in an after school group.

Enaam Chaudhary is the official president of the MSA.This year Aliza Siddique has been participating in the meeting for the club and she has their merchandise that she purchased. In Siddiqui’s opinion some benefits of this club is to help learn a lot about different cultures and to get along with other people. “We can learn to accept what we had growing up differently and use that as our strength,” says Siddique. 

Within the club this year at WHS the cultural day occurred where all Muslim wore their cultural clothes to show the importance and the beauty of their culture.  

Abdullah Nawaz who is also a member of MSA explains the purpose of MSA, in his opinion MSA is to bring together a place where people and especially Muslim in WHS can feel comfortable and be themselves without worry of being out of place. He also thinks the main impact of MSA is Muslims in WHS can find a place to fit in and thus become more sociable. Furthermore, MSA establishes a place where a majority of the Muslims at WHS can feel safe and comfortable. He also believes MSA brings together a community of Muslims who can enjoy their time in a club, and overall fosters a place where people can come to learn about different cultures than their own. They also earn respect for one another. “We learn from MSA that people from different cultures and backgrounds can come together as a community event if it may seem unlikely that this is possible. We learn to accept each other and establish a close community of friends,”  Nawaz says.