Teen Task Force promotes teen mental wellness during finals week


Trinity DiLorenzo

Eva Filippi and Lilly Collins, pet the school’s service dog Brody.

Trinity DiLorenzo, Staff Writer

Finals left students feeling stressed. On Tuesday January 24th, Teen Task Force during all lunches helped students calm their nerves in “Destress Before the Test!” 

They offered group activities such as Dance that was located in the choir room and was led by Peyton Janice and Destiny Warren. There was yoga which was located in the band room led by Lauren Heard. Also located in the PBLZ were art lessons led by Max McEnhill, karaoke led by Jaya Meeks, and games throughout the PBLZ. 

Teen Task Force offered these activities in hopes to lower students’ stress levels when it came to the end of the semester finals. Senior Lauren Heard stated, “The goal is to give students a fun break from the stress of school work and have a moment for themselves before heading into finals. With a more clear and stress free mind, we hope everyone will do great and feel great on their finals!” Overall Teen task force has been amazing at providing students with activities to help them calm their nerves and to show their support during the finals week.

The group brought about “Destress Before the Test” lunches last school year in hopes that students would enjoy having the  break from finals and that it will continue throughout the school years to come. Guidance counselor Mrs. Friel said, “Iqra Bhutta, a current senior at WHS, approached me with the idea of Destress Before the Test last year before final exams in June. I brought her ideas to the Teen Task Force and they ran with it in creating different sessions to de-stress based on their strengths. We would like to be able to make this a bigger school wide event that happens during the school day since not all students can attend sessions during lunch time.”