Competitive cheer keeps spirits high at Rochester Hills

Mackenzie Hooker, Staff Writer

The Woodhaven D1 Competitive Cheer Team had a tough competition in Rochester Hills placing 8th overall against 10 D1 teams. The team all together placed 9s/9.5/10 in round one which consists of jumps and motions with 223.9 total points in the first round. 

Round two challenged the girls. It focuses on 3 main skills which consist of the back walkover, back handspring and back tuck. The team overall made up 205.4 points this round which brought the team to 429.3 total points before round three. 

Round three was the strongest round for the girls at this competition which consisted of stunting and tumbling giving them 300.9 total points. The girls worked as a team throughout the whole competition no matter how they did they never let each other down and they kept pushing through. “We worked together as a team and pulled through the competition despite the difficulties we had and continued as a team,” said Junior Destiny Warren. 

Overall the team did well placing 8th overall out of 10 D1 cheer teams. They collected total points of 729.9 after all three rounds.