JV boys go out with a bang

D'Juan Hall, Sports Reporter

The JV boys’ basketball team faced several difficulties during the 2023 season, but they handled them professionally. The Warriors were a significant force in the Downriver League because of their highly effective offense led by Dante Perry, Bradyn Harrington, and Adam Budai. The team stumbled in their opening against Cass Tech, but they recovered quickly, mowing down rivals Allen Park and Taylor easily.
According to coach Michael Finley, their best performance came against River Rouge, where the team decisively took the lead at halftime. Finley stated, “The players went out there and gave it their best.” He also says that because of this, they were able to come out on top at the end of the game and win by 10 points.
The team played another outstanding game against Lakeshore. The Warriors maintained composure and won the game 38-37. The game was back and forth, with each side repeatedly seizing the lead. The Warriors persisted in making their opponents fearful. They entered every game with confidence, which allowed them to extend their winning streak.
In their final game against Wyandotte, which the Warriors won 54-46 thanks mainly to a career-best of 28 points from Adam Budai, Final results showed that the Warriors had a record of 17 wins and five losses throughout the season. For the playoffs, the squad was able to promote five players to the varsity level, and each of them scored and played in a game. This JV team played brilliantly this year, proving that they are equipped to take on varsity competition and dominate in the years to come.