Woodhaven competitive cheer stride for districts


The competitive cheer team fires up at their home competition in January.

Alexandria Beller, Sports Writer

With the 2023 competitive cheer team season coming to an end, the girls had a strong finish at leagues getting 2nd place against Wyandotte to prepare for districts. At the beginning of the season, this young team struggled to gain momentum, but once leagues hit, the team found their stride and finished 2nd at Downriver League Districts.
Julisa Colon said, “Our practices created permanent groundings, and every time we fell down the mountain, we came back up 10x harder to defeat our opponents.”
For their performance at leagues at Stoney Creek, the girls focused on perfecting their challenging Round 2 and nailed their Rounds 1 and 3 routines to achieve 2nd place against Wyandotte. The biggest victory for this team was coming together as a unit.
Josephine Crapanzo says, “We all had the same wants and goals, and that drove us to all get on the same page. There was a lot of time dedicated to dealing with conversations about changing goals, and what we expected for the 2023-24 season.”
Once districts arrived, the girls were on the same page to try and demolish the other teams and rank their highest scores for districts. The 1st round knocked it out, scoring well. The girls’ tumbling and motions were on point and tightly in formation. Round 2 was still an obstacle, but the girls delivered a strong performance. In the 3rd round, the outshined their competition with their stunting for a big finish.
Klaire Wilson says excitedly, “My most memorable moment from that day was us round 3 girls running off the floor knowing we gave it our all!”
The girls are immensely proud of their growth and hard work over the 2023 cheer season.
Wilson says, “Overall the season was a learning experience and growth opportunity for both the coaches and us athletes.”
This season built a strong force to demolish districts next year and come home as number one.