Girls JV basketball goes undefeated in league


The JV girls team celebrates an undefeated season in the league.

Tyreke Williams, Staff Reporter

For the first time in WHS history, the Woodhaven Junior varsity girls’ basketball team went undefeated in their league. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the team and the coaches Izzy Slate and Lauren Featherston.

This extremely disciplined team brings many attributes to the game. Chief among them is their knowledge of the game, their solid man-to-man defense, and a potent and balanced offense. Combine all these great attributes with an unparalleled work ethic, and it is clear how the Warriors went 15-0 in their league and 16-5 overall.

The team itself is cohesive and focused. Izzy Kriebel is a leader on defense and offense. The team’s offense was also successful due to determined point guard Harper Barnhart, sharpshooter Alaya Charles, and Abby Longer, who dominated on all sides of the ball. At the peak of their season, their offense dominated, with seven or more girls scoring every game. The team also played their rival team Allen Park twice, where they won the first game 36-30, with Charles scoring 12 points, all from beyond the arc. They also beat Allen park again in their last game of the season with a score of 21-20. Coach Slate said, “When the buzzer went off, our girls threw the ball into the air and started hugging and laughing and tearing up.”

Sharpshooter Charles sums it up well when she says, “The girl’s JV team was able to accomplish so much with everyone on their team motivated and determined and everyone showcasing that they were all threats and that the chemistry was there.”