Varsity bowling strikes up a great season


Matthew Sterbenz knocks them down at Woodhaven Lanes.

Jenna Shrum, Sports Reporter

Varsity Bowling Strikes up a Great Season

By Jenna Shrum

Woodhaven put bowling on the map this year with soaring high scores throughout both the girls’ and boys’ seasons. It was a very fulfilling year for the varsity bowling teams and the bowlers had many memorable experiences. Both teams were able to grow and learn from their teammates and completed the 2023 season on top.

The boys made school history this year by placing higher in the State Finals than the team ever before, ending with a D1 State Runner-up to Wayne Memorial.

Two bowlers, Dominic Duey and Mattew Sterbenz, also competed individually at States with Duey finishing 23rd and Sterbenz finishing 44th.

Senior and star bowler Matthew Sterbenz had the highest average on the team with a 202 score during the state finals, but his abilities to bowl perfect strikes wasnt the only thing that got him through the game. Sterbenz explains, “The most influential thing my coach taught me is to win not only score-wise, but also mentally. In bowling, momentum is very important, and winning momentum can help to win the game.”

Duey, a junior who started bowling as a sophomore, attributes his success to the hours at the bowling alley he put in during the off season, bringing his average from the 120’s to the 190’s in just a year.

From the beginning the boys had the ability to find that momentum not only on the lanes but within their team as well. Although they began a little rocky, throughout the season they started to function more as a true team. At the height of their season through Regionals and States they were all encouraging one another and picking each other up after a poor shot. They put their all into carrying their team through these games and it was understood that not only were they playing for themselves, but for the whole team which pushed them to greater lengths. 

The girls put up a fight this season and already knocked their opponents down with a 792 high score during the Baker game, throwing 5 strikes in the first frame alone. They continued with that power throughout the rest of the season, winning 5 games and crushing previously undefeated Taylor High School with ease which became their most memorable moment all year. 

Sophomore Diamond Pastorius scored her new high score of 209 during the season. Her team’s supportive and uplifting attitude made the greatest impact on her this season and made her feel that she had the ability to do anything she put her mind to. “The best part of this season was working with such a great, positive team. Our team bond really grew since last year and I cant wait to see where we go,” Pastorius said. 

The girls soared high above all competition this year and their dedicated mindset and team work pushed them to victory.