REVIEW: Sza Sizzles at LCA


Alexandria Beller, Staff Writer

Sza is an upcoming artist who influenced a lot of Gen Z Americans. Her platform has skyrocketed due to her new album SOS which has generated a lot of buzz. According to Spotify, Sza has over 67.7 million listeners from her old albums like Ctrl and her new album SOS. Sza remains today on global Spotify as the most streamed artist, and her SOS concert tour did not disappoint.

I experienced Sza’s concert live from the Little Caesars Arena in Downtown Detroit on February 24th, where Sza had over 15,000 fans show up to watch her four-act concert. The setlist included Sza’s own music, as well as covers of Erykah Badu, GloRilla, and Doja Cat, and collaborations with Phoebe Bridgers and Cardi B.

Sza has shown she is a great influence on young women in the Gen Z era. She has built such a feminine influence across the nation because her music genuinely addresses real issues for Gen Z women like insecurities, confidence, and relationship struggles. Her music brings out a raw authentic style which most artists nowadays hide the reality of the world instead of bringing it out and recognizing it.

From my personal experience of the show, it brought out my own raw emotions due to Sza heavily impacting me with her music. Sza shows that it’s okay to have full emotions, that it’s okay to confront the feminine issues so many try to escape. She shows that imperfection is human.

Her performance brought out energy in the crowd like a shock wave! It was the most life-changing concert I’ve ever been to. Watching her stage performance go from 3D water on the ground to her being up in the air on an inflatable raft. Her voice sounded so angelic and full of energy. She brought that attitude to the floor and showed the audience a good show performance and that “boss girl mentality”.She really brought out the crowd with one of her songs called “Kill Bill” as many teenage girls tend to enjoy due to it being about an ex-relationship. The stage performance turned completely red with the lights flashing everywhere to grab the audience’s attention.