10 MUST-haves for your bag

MacKenzi Tatum, Staff Writer

Whether it’s a purse, fanny pack, bookbag, or even a tote bag you need to know how to start filling it. Bags aren’t always just for show they are like little emergency kits. These 10 things are the first things that you need to be successful in your everyday life. 

Lip care 

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 Even with the most moisturized shiny lips on the planet, you will need to refresh. After eating, drinking, and talking or even just being out and about, your lips will need to be rehydrated! Jenna Shrum, a senior at WHS said she always feels clean, rejuvenated, and confident when she has her lip care with her. 





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Whether it’s the heel of your foot or your hand you may find yourself in a situation where you need to touch up a dry patch of skin. Either scented or unscented would work and the brand does not matter either. Just make sure you’ve got a size that fits in your bag.







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Smell goods are a no-brainer! Whenever you need to spruce up yourself whether you’re Switching locations, outfits, or just forgot to put some on before you left you’ll be smelling good! Many brands such as Bath and Body Works and Pink have travel-size perfumes that fit perfectly in purses and bags. 





Hair Ties

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Hair ties! Hair Ties! Hair ties! You never know when you will need to tie that hair up or help a friend who needs to. They are underrated but most used. Never underestimate the hair tie. Hair ties can help with tying a shirt as well. No matter the time and place you can always use a hair tie. WHS Senior Eshal Sajjad says she always reaches for her hair tie when she least expects it because she never really knows when her hair is gonna get in the way. 




Wallet Must-haves 

Thought your date was gonna pay? Need gas? Apple Pay is not always going to be there for you. At least $50 in cash and on a card will secure your safety and keep you worry-free and any instance. 50 dollars can cover a meal and gas to get you to a safe place. Just in case you end up in a place that doesn’t take cards the $50 in cash will be enough to still help. 





Ever grab a doorknob or public surface of some sort and it’s sticky? Well, that’s why hand sanitizer is a must! Just in case you need to cleanse your hands fast, it will never steer you wrong. Hand sanitizers of all brands and sizes are available anywhere including gas stations, Walmart, CVS, and many, more. The price can be as low as $2.50.







Makeup Wipes 

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Smudge your lipstick? Baby Throw up on you? You need makeup wipes to help wipe away your problems. This often gets lost in the sauce of other necessities but it is a must-have. No matter the situation makeup wipes or even baby wipes can help you in any way. Ashley Godlewski who is a junior at WHS says that on the go when she needs to wipe away a quick smudge she always reaches for her makeup wipes. From Walmart to Walgreens you are covered. 




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What happens if you need to re-apply that lip gloss or you need to see all the baby hairs left out of that ponytail? You need a travel mirror. Even if you need to just check your smile. This is the way to go! If you’re anything like WHS student Elaina Villemure who says that she never knows whether or not she got some ranch on her chin or maybe even a booger in her nose, You need to snag a mirror. The great thing about compact mirrors is that they are available anywhere even on Amazon. 



Nail Glue

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This one is for the press on girls! Never find yourself trying to hide a certain finger or hand for pics. You want to show off those amazing nails and a backup nail glue will help do just that! With nail glue on the go, you can refresh a hanging or fallen nail and snap it back like it never happened. The brand is not a deal breaker. Just go to any local store including CVS or Walgreens and make sure your nails are good to go. 




Tide Pen

Stains are a no-go. A tide pen is small and powerful enough to wipe away that stain right when you need a quick save. Woodhaven Senior Trinity Drew says that she’s stained her clothes too many times right before going out and felt horrible about the fact she had nothing to do. She described herself as messy and said Tide pens are life savers. Tide pens are not only a necessity but they are easily accessible. You can get them anywhere from Targets to gas stations and are around $3.