8 essentials for a vacay getaway!


Alexandria Beller, Staff Writer

Have you ever forgotten important items on spring break? These items might solve those problems you face while on vacation! 



The first on the list would for sure be sunscreen. Many people enjoy taking warm, calm vacations in the hot sun. Sunscreen helps with making sure your skin does not burn and stays well hydrated. Sunscreen is almost like a bulletproof vest for your skin to protect it from the UV radiants that can cause damage to your skin. So having this item during spring break will help improve skin instead of being a red tomato. But as much as you protect your skin, be sure to also protect the eco-system and get coral reef safe sunscreen such as Sun Bum, Aveeno, or Reef-Safe. 


Fanny Pack

Personally, a fanny pack has helped me with not losing items. For example, I am a vacationer, and I didn’t lose one item in my fanny pack, which included, my cards, cash, charger, and iPhone. Having a fanny pack can be very reasonable, especially for females who lose their purses often. With fanny packs, they are strapped on your body so nobody could get ahold of your items. As for men, it’s easy to lose a small wallet, but with a fanny pack, they’d be all set. 


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Every breaker needs a swimsuit, especially for the hot sun and beaches! Instead of wearing cotton clothes and jeans to swim in, swimsuits are made for the water so it’s flexible and comfortable to dive right in! Swimsuits are made of polyester and nylon which makes a person feel breathable in the water. Also, with the hot sun, being in a swimsuit is better than soaking your body in the sun with a coat. Wearing a swimsuit is essential for breakers. 



Hygiene Products

Hygiene is the number one thing people should be focusing on! Spring breakers tend to be in the heat all day, so hygiene is a must! You should have deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, lotion, shampoos, conditioners, and perfumes on deck. Personally, I wouldn’t want to have an unpleasant scent on me running around the beach crowded by people. Hygiene helps our bodies refresh and replenish, especially when traveling. It can help reduce the need to instantly shower when you arrive at your destination.



Emergency Aid Kit

Preferably emergency kits should be placed wherever you go. But as a vacationer, an emergency kit should be a big need. Many vacationers go off the hinges and hurt themselves. An emergency kit is a great way to deal with cuts, bruises, and open wounds. This kit will also provide help if your toes get cut on the shells in the sand! An emergency kit will help people not have to pay money to visit urgent care. 






Emergency Money

Emergency money is a great thing to have on you in case of a stolen wallet or credit card. Money also is easier to use, especially as a vacationer buying maybe a cool hat or ice cream from a boardwalk! As a spring breaker, you should have cash on you in case of emergencies. Some places don’t have card payments available, so having cash would be beneficial!




Portable Charger

Many vacationers often use their phones to get around the area. A great way to keep your phone alive and well would be to keep a portable charger on you. Portable chargers do come in handy when playing music off your phone at the beach or walking around an unknown area to keep yourself safe. So having a portable charger will help you not get kidnapped! 



Comfortable Shoes

Instead of walking around Florida with blisters between your toes, make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes to avoid band-aids. Many breakers are more focused on having their toes to the wind and forget about the aches and pains they’ll have at the end of the night. From personal experience, I’d advise you to bring some running shoes to avoid any pain in your feet by the end of the day. Wearing flip-flops on the sand is okay, but when it comes to exploring the area, flip-flops aren’t the best idea.