5 surefire ways to help you improve at Fortnite


DJuan Hall, Sports Writer

With the new season of Chapter 4 releasing, many players may want to quit the game or struggle to improve because of the new central servers, but I am here to tell you that you don’t need to quit. I have the solution. I will give you five ways to help you improve in Fortnite Chapter 4, season 2.

Number 1 on my list to help you improve your gameplay is to find a good sensitivity. With most players being high ping, being an elite builder this season won’t matter. You will want to have good aim so that you can go for a smart piece and ensure that you are maximizing damage on every shot. If you are a controller, you will want to play a lower sensitivity to have the best stick control and hit most of your shots. Good sense for controller players should range from 40% to 45%. I don’t recommend going over these as you will find your aim less consistent and causing you to mess up edits and miss shots which is essential this season. For a building sense on a controller, it should be preferred. You should play on something that matches your primary sensitivity so that you can have the best cross arrow placement. If you are on a mouse and keyboard, I suggest playing from 4% to 8%. If you are a wrist player, you will likely want to play on the higher side, which will allow you to use more of your wrist and less of your arm. If you are an arm player, I suggest playing on the lower side, as it will give you more precision when aiming and improve your cross-arrow placement and mouse control.¬†


As you can see, having good aim this season is crucial, so number 2 on my list is aim training. You can use several aim trainers, with a free one being aim labs. Aim Labs is a highly great aim trainer that will allow you to use a sensitivity converter to get your in-game Fortnite sensitivity onto aim labs. Aim Labs offers a variety of different aim training activities, with all of them helping players to improve their tracking and the precision of their aim. Aim training is essential; it allows controller players to practice their aim without aim assist so that their aim is exact, can hit the most 200 pumps and headshots possible, and improves their cross arrow placement. For keyboard players, it is crucial it allows them to better cross arrow placement, helps with their smoothness, and better players’ mouse control.


With lots of people being high ping, it makes the game harder to play and enjoy, but this is why number 3 on my list is exit lag. Exit lag is a program that will run your internet through the best routes so that you can be as close as possible to the server to ensure that your ping is lower. I use exit lag, and before using it on the new central servers, my ping ranged from 45 to 60, but after using exit lag, my ping was lowered, and I now rang in from 25 to 35. This will help because, with lower ping, you will be able to build a lot better and play at more of a faster paste because of lower ping. In addition, 2 lowering your ping will allow for better latency and better input delay, which will ultimately enable you to have more responsive gameplay and be able to make the edits and be able to piece efficiently and not make as many errors in your building and will have not as hard of time finishing your fights fast.


All of these things, like having lower ping and good aim and sensitivity, still won’t make you the best player, bringing me to number 4 on my list playing Raiders piece control maps and other maps. However, these maps are essential as they will help you get better piece control and learn how to fight to end fights most quickly and efficiently. It is necessary to learn how to fight and get better piece control so that you can take the best angles, avoid taking damage, catch opponents off guard, and quickly put them in boxes and get the kill. These maps also allow you to become more consistent with your builds and edits so that you make little to no mistakes.




Lastly, the top 5 things that will make you better at Fortnite are practicing your building and mechanics training. The reason for this is that without training your mechs, you won’t be able to compete as everyone, or most players, will have better mechs than you, so you want to make sure to practice your builds and edits so that you can get faster and catch opponents off guard. Another that goes along with building your mechanics is learning protective high-ground retakes. Again, the reason for this is that you want to be able to build consistently¬† and keep yourself protected to take as minimal damage as possible. Also, while learning these retakes, you will become more consistent and faster and discover peaks that will allow you to hit your opponents without them hitting you.


Other things are also important that will help you become the best player in the game, but this is my top 5 list of what will help you improve fastest and most efficiently.