5 simple changes you can make for a more sustainable wardrobe

Jenna Shrum, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that the environment is in danger, and humans are the main contributors. Most of us are interested in living more sustainably for the planet but that can become difficult when it comes to fashion. With the impact of social media and fast fashion, the rate consumers are buying things has become a serious issue, so let’s make a change. These are 5 fashion tips to save you money, save the planet, and reduce your fashion footprint.

Think twice before shopping. Think about these factors before purchasing an item- will it get long-term wear, or is it a micro trend? Do you already own something similar? Is the quality of the item worth purchasing, will it last you a long time? (Yes, it is that easy.) Find items that you know could be used in many different ways instead of just one outfit that won’t be worn more than twice. Make sure what you’re buying is versatile and learn different and unique ways to style an outfit by only using what you already have. This could be done with various things such as accessories like belts, bags, and jewelry, or by layering other clothing items that you already own to give a different look.

Think twice before throwing away your clothes. There are a number of things you can do instead of throwing your clothes away to landfills. Most clothing items contain synthetic, non-biodegradable fibers that will only pile up and cause greater harm to the planet. So what should you do instead? Try to repair them, if it’s holes that need sewing or maybe it’s just boring- there are a number of ways you could repair or redesign the garment entirely to give it a better look and fit. Donating clothes is extremely important to making a change as well, not only does it help people in need but they could even be used and recycled into new things for others to enjoy.

Make it into a new hobby. You don’t have to treat changing your lifestyle like a chore, make it something to look forward to. Finding new ways to recycle and change your used clothing items could reveal a skill you didn’t know you had. Swap out the cell phone and trade it for a sewing machine, and you might learn you have more creative talent than you thought. Anything you can do to revamp your current wardrobe without having to spend money equally could help save the earth. So why not try? The time you spend on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest to find new trends to save up for, could instead be your inspiration for things you could create by yourself.

Buy second-hand or vintage. Not only has thrifting become a trend in the past few years, it can save you money and it helps the environment in the long run. Most thrifted and vintage things were made with better, long-lasting materials, unlike clothes today that are produced and discarded at such a fast rate that the quality of the materials and fabrics are much worse than they were a decade ago. Not only will buying secondhand clothes extend the life of these items, they will also add a unique touch to your wardrobe because you can find one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else will own.

Extend the life of your clothing. Taking care of the things you buy and own is a big factor of making your wardrobe more sustainable. You want to be able to keep these garments for a long amount of time, your clothes should not only be lasting a year! This is a crucial factor in lowering your environmental footprint and it will also help in determining which clothing will last you a longer amount of time. Sometimes time is worth the price. It’s also useful to remember to give your old clothes a second life. Keep them in good condition for when you feel like getting rid of them, this doesn’t mean throw them away. Donating to people in need or selling them online and making back your money, there are a number of websites and apps that you could sell your clothes on with a simple tap.