By train or by plane, a fantastic summer experience awaits you!


Take a window seat to the world when you travel this summer.

Katherine Carmack, Staff Writer

There are many places to go during summer break. There are places with great weather and some with cool weather. Places can be very warm or very cold. The places for you and your friends or family from less expensive places to places you need a passport. Whichever you prefer there are options below for all. 


Restaurants on Lake Huron

Michigan is known for all its Great lakes, which bring lots of entertainment, such as swimming and beaches. Also, there are many great cities, such as Detroit, Saginaw, and Ann Arbor. Detroit has Campus Martius, which is a great thing for all ages. For little kids, there is roller skating, basketball courts, and slides. And for adults, great restaurants, such as Bucharest, with some good chicken shawarma and curly fries. Saginaw has its famous Frankenmuth, which has many great stores and great food. It’s known for its great fudge, and a store to get it at is the Cheese Haus. For the long distance, you can stay at the Bavarian Inn, which has a great chicken dinner and has many pools, mini golf, and a huge arcade. Also, the hot tubs contain great jets. Another destination is Ann Arbor. There are many great places to eat, such as insomnia cookies, which have great flavorful cookies, and HopCat is another great restaurant with great burgers and mac and cheese. Frequent traveler Kamari Dabbs loves all Michigan has to offer, stating, “Michigan has many cities with a variety of things to do, but my favorite was Frankenmuth because the fudge there was just so great.”



View from the Chicago River

 Chicago is a grand city. With only an $80 train ticket or a 3-hour ride to Chicago, it’s an easy place to go. It has a wide variety of activities, restaurants, and great hotels. The city is also known for the bean, a view to see. There is a museum called WNDR Chicago which has a lot of different types of arts, some hands-on and some that twist your mind. If you are a food person, Leonidas cafe has great crepes and more breakfast items, but if you are looking for a dinner place such as Francesca’s on Chestnut, with great Italian pasta and great desserts, or Quartino which has a variety of great pizzas to great soup. If you need a place to stay, Ac Hotel by Marriott has many places within walking distance. Musa Bukhari states his opinion on Chicago, “I believe that Chicago is a beautiful city. There’s a lot to offer in Chicago in terms of food places if you are a foodie. I am Pakistani so there are a lot of Pakistani restaurants.”






View of the ocean side from a hotel in Panama City

Florida is a place to go. Not only is the state interesting, but so are the people, which makes it such a great place to go. Also, it is not that far away and only an 18-hour drive. Even though the weather can be on and off during the summer, it is great because when hot, it’s just perfect. There are many great cities such as Panama, Destin, and Miami where you go to the wonderful beaches and swim, go on a boat to look at the many animals in the ocean, which is also very fascinating, you can also parasail to get an even better view of the ocean. D’Juan Hall, a frequent traveler to Florida says, “Florida was a great state to go to I had lots of fun and I think that everyone should visit there if they can.”






A restaurant in Playa del Carmen that shows Mexican Culture

If you want to get out of the country, Mexico is a perfect place to go. With warm beaches, great food, and many cool places to go. Mexico is a place to get away and for cheap. Say you want to leave the country but are on a budget. Playa del Carmen is a place to go with cheap Airbnbs and hotels. If you want to see clear waters, Playa Colosio is the perfect place to hang out. Tyreke Williams, someone who enjoyed Mexico says, “Mexico is a great place and an easy way out of the country. I recommend you go.”               





Puerto Rico

View of El Yunque from a AirBnb in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful place with waterfalls, great water, and great forests. El Yunque is one of Puerto Rico’s most prized natural gems with a great few such as the animals, the trees, and all the other things in this ecosystem. Also in this forest, there are waterfalls such as La Mina Falls that you can swim or even scuba dive in and if you like to take pictures this is the perfect place. If you need a place to stay there are many Airbnb’s with beautiful views of the city and forest. If you are into food, Casita Miramar in San Juan is a great place to visit for not just the food but the city itself. Liam Warner, a recent traveler to Puerto Rico states, “It was a fun new experience to travel outside the States and had many experiences with how different the culture was. When I was there I didn’t want to come back home.”