Must-See Summer Concert Line Up

Katherine Carmack, Staff Writer

Concerts are once-in-a-lifetime experiences to see your favorite artist live and in action. To hear their voice loud and in person is a whole different experience. Once you hear one song, you never want to leave. If your favorite artist is coming to a concert, see them because listening to them live is much better than on the radio. Not only is their performance good, but so is the crowd.​​ The crowd helps connect to the music, and being around people that love the same artist as you makes you feel a way no words can explain. If you are free this summer, one of your favorite artists may be coming near you.

Taylor Swift 

Picture by: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Taylor Swift with some of her outfit changes.

Taylor Swift, a multi-genre artist, performing at Ford Field on June 10, 2023. She has a setlist of 44 songs and one or two surprise songs. As the show goes on, she changes her outfits many times. You will be seeing Taylor Swift in all her eras in one night. This concert is the one to be at because every second is one you will remember. She also engages the crowd in ways that make you feel alive. Even though the tickets are more expensive, the money will be worth it if you love this artist. The crowd and excitement will be like no other concert. In fact, she will bring out your younger self. Also performing with Taylor Swift are Girl in Red and OWENN, two artists who have amazing voices. Ava Doederlein, a long-time fan who’s going to the concert states, “I’m excited to see her perform, and I know she puts on a really good show with backup dances and everything, not just her and a piano. I’m also really excited to meet other fans and trade bracelets with them. ”

The Cure

Picture by: Pasadena Daydream & Goldenvoic Robert Smith performing for the crowd.

The Cure is performing at Pine Knob Music Theater on June 13, 2023. If you like rock, they are the people to see. With The Cure you will also see the Twilight Sad, a punk band with an amazing guitarist. They play at this venue, which doesn’t just have great sound, but a great light system. Also surrounded by a great view of the woods. They perform for over 2 hours with 29 songs on the setlist. They are performing the song “Just like Heaven” which makes you feel like you are in a movie, so hearing it live will be a whole different feeling, a feeling you can miss. If you like The Cure, you should see this concert as there won’t be a dull moment. Emily Marlow can’t wait to see The Cure states her opinion on the concert, “I have always loved the cure and I’ve been waiting so long to see them. I am glad I can finally hear them live for a whole new experience.”

Morgan Wallen

Picture by: Matt Winkelmeyer, Getty Image Morgan Wallen singing with the crowd.

Morgan Wallen is performing at Ford Field on June 30, 2023. If you like the country, he is the person to see. With 26 songs he plays, each one is like music to the ears. With ERNESt and Bailey Zimmerman, you will see all these great artists in one day. Tickets are pretty expensive, as they range from $300-$800, but if you love this artist it will be worth it to hear his voice live. Gabbie Randazzo, who loves Morgan Wallen says, “I am very excited to see Morgan Wallen live in concert because it’s a different experience hearing him perform with your friends than just from a radio. I am excited to see how he interacts with his fans.”


Picture by: Prince Williams/WireImage Drake and 21 Savage entertaining the crowd together.

Drake is the man to see, entertaining his fans at Little Caesars Arena on July 8, 2023. Not only is a great singer, but he is also funny without even trying. So during the whole show, you would be entertained in different ways. If you like Drake, he also has 21 Savage joining him on tour. Two great artists joining together at a great venue, something you do not want to miss. These two will make the crowd get hyped, makes concerts so fun. Bella Cruz is going to the concert this summer states, “I’m so excited to see Drake perform. I’ve been listening to him since I was a little girl, and getting to actually feel, and hear his music is just a dream come true.”

Brent Faiyaz

Picture by: Getty Images Brent Faiyaz singing smoothly.

Even though this may be out of the state, Brent Faiyaz is going to Chicago to perform at the Salt Shed on July 27, 2023. Not only will you get to see a great R&B artist while also visiting the city of Chicago, where there is much entertainment. His singing makes you sink into the music not only understanding the lyrics but feeling them. His voice is like no other, and hearing it live changes your perspective so much. So if you went to Chicago, you can also see your favorite artist for a minimum price. Ava Mueller, excited to see both her favorite artist and Chicago says, “I’m super excited to see Brent live in concert with a few of my friends. I get to watch my favorite artist perform while being with some of my favorite people.”