WHS celebrates seniors on Decision Day


Trinity DiLorenzo

Jaya Meeks and College Advisor Ms. Z show off their Decision Day spirit

Trinity DiLorenzo, Staff Writer

Senior year comes to an end in less than 20 days, and the senior class is about to go off and explore a new life in college, trade school, the workforce, or the military. To celebrate these accomplishments for seniors, college advisor Zariea Williams, put together our Decision Day celebration. On Friday, May 5th, Seniors and Juniors participated in these Decision Day activities that included games like, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Tail Tag, Egg Hunt, and Dodgeball with Mr. C. Ms. Z also did a Dorm basket giveaway to students after each game.
Seniors and Juniors were released at 12:45 to the new gym to start a fun day of activities. The Marching band and color guard were already set up to bring the excitement levels up by playing the school’s fight song along with some other tunes. Ms. Z welcomed all of the students to the decision day and started with her first dorm room basket which included laundry detergent, dryer sheets, dry snacks, towels, shower loofa, cleaning wipes, a gift card, etc. The first winner was Garrett Crosson.
The first game that was played was Hungry Hungry Hippos. Our senior team consisted of Jaya Meeks, Makenna Orman, Alex Beller, Hope Ehause, Nevaeh Defranco, Dwight Hart, Dawson Terry, Connor Doederlein, and Tyler Harris. The opposing team of juniors consisted of Isaac Segnenon, Jonathan Maple, Jazzmyne Hankins, Hannah Pierceall, Camryn Green, Abigail Holland, Juliana Sanches, Brelyn Johnson, Kylee Moran, and John Wilkison. The seniors took the win over the juniors. After the game Ms. Z took the time to recognize our students who are first-generation students who were, Samantha Monroy Hernandez (University of Detroit Mercy), Alexander Sanchez (Eastern Michigan University), Emily Trout (Grand Valley State University), Brya Hunt (Oakland University), Jaya Meeks (Xavier University of Louisiana), and Donovan Illes (Wayne State University). She also announced the second dorm room basket winner Julia Downey.
The second game was Tail Tag, where students had to work together to steal the other team’s flags to win the game. Our senior team consisted of Evan Goebel, Khary Burns, Eva Filippi, Aaron Chapman, Kamari Dabbs, Kevin Gilenwater, Jenna Shrum, Ella Thomas, Dominic Davis, and Shelby Greenwood. They were up against the Junior team of Nnanna Ogbonna, Christian Jasso, Alex Rusnak, Jesus Alvarez, Alexis Grzywa, Josephine Crapanzano, Precious Madison, June Lusk, Sophia Valcine, and Mackenzie Murphy. It was a great fight, but the juniors dominated the seniors and took the win. After the game concluded, Ms. Z announced the trade/apprenticeship students, honoring Shawn Martin (Watson Engineering), Ka’Mora Johnson (David Pressley School of Cosmetology), Jaedyn Davis (Aveda Institute), Tyler Kucharski (pursuing an apprenticeship with Local 85 Pipefitters & Steamfitters Union). The third dorm room basket winner was Tyson Benjamin.
The third game was Egg Hunt, where seniors and juniors had to find the eggs and collect the most, students were also allowed to steal eggs from the other team. Seniors Parker Shope, Jacob Stanley, Ayden Baumgartner, Alaina Craig, Lindsay Marlewitz, Dwight Hart, Nathan Blaszczak, Eshal Sajjad, Parker Williams, and Lindsey Do took on juniors Rachael Padgett, Savannah Caswell, Faith Fluker, Reed Musial, Mackenzie Lobato, Andrea Watts, Stephanie Barnes, Quinn Perecki, Hailey Gobats, and Jesus Alvarez. The seniors took back their winning streak from the juniors and won the round. Ms. Z went to honor our military students who were, Shane Vago (United States Marine Corps), Jacob Cabrera (United States Marine Corps), and Malik Muhammad (United States Navy) who were joined by their recruiting officers. The fourth dorm room basket winner was Kevin Gillenwater.
The final game was the event everyone had been waiting for, Dodgeball with Mr. C. Four teams went against Mr. C. Team one included seniors Elijah Cross, Isaac Perez, and Emily Trout who were joined by juniors, Dayshanay Pearcy and Rheanna Bonot. Team 2 was with Seniors Nathan Blaszczak, Jason Sax, and Ethan Czakowski, and juniors Jonathan Sawicki and Xavier Barnes. The third team consisted of seniors Mackenzi Tatum, Trinity Drew, and Jason Sax joined by juniors, Michael Jordan and Tyreke Williams. The final team who went against Mr. C was seniors Zain Virk, Shelby Greenwood, and Chloe Thomas accompanied by juniors Brad Styles and Adrian Sadiku.
We got a surprise round of Dodgeball with Mr. C and his son Ethan Czakowski. Within one second of the game, Mr. C had gotten Ethan out which caused students to storm the floor celebrating with Mr. C.
After the last round of games, the juniors were dismissed and seniors got to stay behind to take photos, sign senior boards, hang out with their friends, and enjoy snacks.