Essential gear for beginner golfers


Jake Navarro , Sports Writer

Every new golfer wonders at some point what they need to be successful their first time on the course. No one wants to make the mistake of having to use someone else’s equipment because they didn’t know what to bring. This article will stop the embarrassment before it happens.

Golf Clubs

The most obvious essential you should have to start golfing is clubs. Your first set should not be too expensive. Golf is very frustrating, and you might not like it as much as you think. There are full beginner sets that have every club you will need on the course. Most of the time they are decently priced, and specifically made to be easy to hit. If you have your heart set on a set of Callaways, you can get a beginner set of Strata for about $375, or you can get a good beginner set of Spaldings for $220. If you would like to get another option, start by getting player improvement clubs, so you can enjoy the game of golf.



Golf Balls

If you don’t have golf balls, you can’t play at all. There are so many different types of balls, as the different brands slightly tweak what they want the ball to do after being struck. I would recommend finding a ball that is fairly basic and does not have extra spin. The balls with added spin are made for players who like to shape how their ball flies in the air. A Titleist Pro V1 is a nice ball, but it’ll set you back $55 a dozen. If you are a beginning golfer, the Titleist TruFeel in a bright color you can find in the rough (or in the water) is probably more your speed at $20 a dozen. In fact, just buying a big ol’ bag of used balls is probably going to be your best bet. You will end up losing a lot more than you think.



Tees are needed for your first shot of almost every hole. It’s what holds the ball for you while you swing away. I would highly recommend unbreakable plastic tees like these found at Target. They hold their value a lot more, as they do not break every time you hit them. Plastic tees might cost a few more dollars per package, but in the long run, you will save yourself some cash. When you go to purchase tees they will have different lengths. I suggest buying the regular length.



Golf is a rotational sport where you need to keep a good balance to perform well. Without some type of spike, you will slide all around on the grass, which can cause several errors within your swing. Prices can vary depending on what brand, but whatever you get, invest in waterproof shoes that clean easily. Nobody wants to play with wet socks because their shoes could not keep the water out. There are many brands to choose from, but these Footjoys are a good place to start.



A glove helps you grip the club a lot better. The grip on your club and glove fit well together. People do not realize that this is a big part of the golf game, but it is. If you are like me and your hands start sweating the club will start slipping out. This causes a series of issues that include things like throwing your club, or not being able to make clean contact because the club is twisting too much in your hands. Vice has some good priced gloves, and will have you looking right. I like white gloves, if you like design they have anything you are looking for.




Golf clothes

Most courses have a certain dress code. This means no JEANS, especially no tank tops either. Yes, it’s typically your collared shirt, dress pants/shorts, but golf apparel is a bit different. Most of the clothes directed towards golf stretch easily, and are breathable for the summer. Primo is a tad bit pricey, but you will find any apparel golfer’s need on their site.


Golf Towel/Wire Brush/divot tool

These three items go hand in hand together, so I would buy them at the same time. When you use your clubs all the time it is only a matter of time before they need to be cleaned. More often than you think you will have dirt all over your clubs. This calls for a good wipe, and brush to ensure the ball can be hit properly. The divot tool keeps the course kept up, as you make indents in the green. No one likes putting through little holes. Golf is about being respectful in every fashion. Champkey can ensure you keep a good reputation.